Serving High Functioning Adults With Special Needs

     Eileen: Stage Decoration Helper

       Tired Lion: Carrie Pyka
       Scarecrow: Arthur Gomez
       Tinfoil Girl: Libby Klein
   Belinda the Bad Witch:   Theresa Nieto
       The Wizard: Lindsey Pyka
       Melinda the Good Witch:
Melinda Lowrey
      Dorothy: Anne Studer
          Toto: Billy Harris

  Sheriff: Wiley Schreiber

  Narator & Soloist: Janna LaForgey
   Auntie Em: Samanthia Burk
   Uncle Henry: Michael Rivera
Living Well owes huge debts of GRATITUDE to our then Director Kimberli Easley and to the many others who gave extra for the 2013 Production. A partial list of thanks goes with big thanks and bigger hugs to:
  • Fredericksburg United Methodist Church and its wonderful staff
  • Our own teachers, board members, parents, and faithful volunteers for over & above
  • Shannon Anderson SUNSHINE the CLOWN for painting those fabulous faces on our actors
  • Jeanne Dietrich for making some of the costumes that came alive on our actors
  • Beth and Gary Pyka for video taping the production and making CDs for the students 
  • Louise Homilius, our patient photographer and for supplying the photographs on this page.

​​​The sky is the ONLY limit for our students

Living Well Learning Center