​​​The sky is the ONLY limit for our students

Living Well Learning Center

Serving High Functioning Adults With Special Needs


  For those who have a prospective student for Living Well Learning Center, please contact the Administrator at the mailing address or the e-mail shown below.

Living Well Learning Center

P.O. Box 724

Fredericksburg, TX 78624




        Living Well Learning Center students will have socially appropriate behavior suitable for a community setting. LWLC is not a "line of sight supervision" program and admittance is determined by our ability to meet the individual needs of a prospective student.

        Prior to attending LWLC, a prospective student will submit the Student Application Forms and upon notice the student and their care-giver will meet with teachers and then will attend a day of classes.

        Next, a recommendation will be made by the teachers to the Board of Directors who will approve or deny the student's admission.

        New students will have a six-week probationary period during which time the student or LWLC may withdraw. Any unused tuition will be refunded to the student.

Classes and Programs

  • Continuing Education
  • Community Volunteerism
  • Personal Growth
  • Community Involvement


Program Planning

         Living Well students are active leaders in the program as they make decisions through student council, plan weekly menus, and choose activities in which to participate.

Our Vision for Living Well Learning Center

         The hope and vision of the students, teachers, founders, and supporters of Living Well Learning Center is that Fredericksburg will be changed affirmatively due to the efforts of the highly productive Living Well Learning Center students.